Overview of Iconic Framework


Codify Pro is one of the leading digital agencies in India with expertise in Web Designing and Development. This agency designs websites, manages greater custom and default iconic framework with easy access for their client and provide robust hosting and solutions for some of the most recognized brands in the region. If there's one thing we have learned about markieting in these times, is that "if it's not on the web, it doesn't really count!" Out of the7.7 billion people on earth, almost 4 billion have the means to access the internet. If you have a product or service to offer, your target customer is most likely to be among this 4 billion segment.


Iconic Framework is maintained by a team of developers on Codify Pro. Iconic Framework is created to make it easy for web developers to use a large range of icons from the library of Iconic Framework in any web development file placing the Iconic Framework CDN in their HTML "<head>" tag.